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Weight Tracker

Track your daily weight and set a weight achievement goal.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Calculate your BMI and track this number, via the simple tracking graph, to a healthier lifestyle.

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Determine your BMR and select your activity level to learn what your daily calorie needs are to meet your goals.

Body Fat Percentage

Discover your body fat percentage and what it means so you can reach your health goals.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Record your waist and hip measurements and understand why the ratio of the two is important.


All results can be saved to a graph for progress tracking. You can also edit, export and delete entries and data.

Fitter and Fitter+

Fitter App Icon

MigoApps, LLC is proud to bring you Fitter and Fitter+ Fitness calculators. Fitter and Fitter+ Fitness calculators are fitness applications designed to help you calculate and track your fitness progress over time. Daily calculated results are displayed in a progress tab and simple to use graph tool. You may also share your progress with friends via Twitter and Facebook.


Best Fitness Calculator!
This is the best fitness calculator I have used hands down! It is so easy to follow and keeps you on track where it counts. Definitely will be one of my daily references/utilities. It includes all the things you could want in a fitness calculator. Nice motivation!

by Hesvit on Jun 12, 2011 version 1.0

Very helpful!
I have used the body bug and I love to be able to track my numbers. This app is in-depth and tracks many different aspects of my weight. I look forward to using this app to reach my goals!

by Mommers12 on Jun 11, 2011 version 1.0